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Simple Stock Bots

Simple Stock Bots is a family of messaging bots that aim to provide simple interface to stock market information.

Getting Started

The bots can either be added to a server or can be direct messaged for the exact same functionality. Links for each platform are below:

Telegram Bot

Discord Bot

Alternatively, this project is completely open source and instructions on how to run your own instance of the bot are provided on each of the bots pages. Hosting


The bots are nearly identical between platforms, but sometimes a platform will have a feature that only it supports such as Telegrams inline messaging or Discords embeds. For full information see Commands

Source Code

The source code for the bots is completely open and hosted on GitLab. The project is licensed with an MIT License which is incredibly permissive. The full text of the license can be read here

If you decide to host your own bots using my source code please consider using my referral links for DigitalOcean and IEX Cloud. We both get a kickback when you use them.