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Self Hosted Bot

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


This project runs neatly in a docker container, so all that you need to run it yourself is Docker installed on your system.

Depending on what platform you'll need:

Finally, you will need and IEX Cloud API key. They offer a free tier that should be enough for any private groups, more details here.


The bot will function without an IEX key and will fall back to only using cryptocurrency data.


If you want to accept donations you also need a Stripe API key. []


Once Docker is installed and you have your API keys for Telegram and IEX Cloud getting the bot running on any platform is extremely easy.

Download or clone the repository to your machine and open a terminal in the project and build the Docker container.

docker build -t simple-telegram-bot .

Then run the bot using your API keys.

docker run --detach \
     -e IEX=IEX_API \

Your bot should be running! If you are new to Docker, I would recommend checking out its documentation for full control over your bot.